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Distribution Channels and Content “Versioning”

Distribution Channels and Content “Versioning”

In our series on Content Marketing, we have talked about writing content for different audiences. Now we’re going to take that further and talk about distribution of that content. There are so many types of media available—print, radio, television, Web—and so many media outlets to choose from—local, regional, national, and individual internet sites. Then there are all the different audience segments for which you need to create content. All these different types of content probably seem overwhelming.

It doesn’t have to be. It’s true that you need to reach out to your various segmented audiences with content tailored to their needs, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. Look at the content that you have already put together. Say you have a white paper, a print ad, a couple of marketing pieces meant for loyal clients, and your SEO-friendly website text. All of this content is now ready to be “versioned,” or, as The YGS Group refers to it, “content amortization.”

What this means is that you make even further use of the content you’ve already created. Take your white paper. It is probably chock-full of fantastic information, maybe even an infographic or two. Now, pick a section of it and create one or two blog posts. From that, create a number of tweets and social media posts. Very little rewriting is involved, as all the information has already been prepared. All that’s needed is a few tweaks to fit the media and outlet where it will be distributed.

Perhaps your company is posting regular blogs. Rather than thinking up new content for your social media outlets, create a “teaser” for your LinkedIn page or for Twitter or even in your e-newsletter about a blog post. Reach out to your audience with a hook and bring them to your company’s website. As you are working to build relationships with your customers, this is a great way to keep your company on their minds and to keep them informed.

Content strategy might utilize a magazine, e-newsletter, or blog posts, but you can extend and repurpose that information into other media platforms such as direct mail, mobile apps, websites and blogs, social media, and more to really create a dynamic conversation with target audiences.

The important thing to remember is that all your information—whether it’s text, graphics, or videos—can be repurposed in a multitude of ways to reach all segments of your audience. If you are writing fresh content for each outreach you aren’t efficiently using the content you’ve already worked so hard on. Make the most of your hard work; find new and exciting ways to use the valuable content you’ve already developed.

We take our own advice here at The YGS Group. This blog post is based on a section from our most recent white paper: Content is King—Connect, Influence and Motivate. Practicing what we preach helps us keep up with marketing developments so we can pass our hard won knowledge to our clients’ marketing strategies.