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Direct Mail Marketing, More Relevant Than Ever (Part 2)

Direct Mail Marketing, More Relevant Than Ever (Part 2)

As discussed in the last blog, direct mail marketing has not gone the way of the dinosaur, but is still a relevant and vibrant marketing tool.


Since the advent of the Internet, direct mail has been a major supplement to driving traffic to a website. If the recipient liked the offering in your mailer, he or she would have to call, write, or visit the business in person. Nowadays, we go to your website. Period. We type in your website address and Walah!, there you are, on our home computer or more often today, our mobile device.


After you’ve packed your website with useful information about your products or services and you’ve tied that mailer recipient back to your message online, you’ve made the connect. Using this one-two punch of an old marketing technique (a mailer) combined with a (ahem) new technology (website) can give you the one of the most cost effective methods to connect with your primary market.


Case in Point: The YGS Group worked with the ASHP Foundation—the philanthropic arm of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), the national professional organization representing pharmacists practicing in hospitals and health systems—who wanted to promote their Pharmacy Leadership Academy. A cross-media campaign that included a website and survey that was supported by a unique direct mail campaign and other outreach efforts was implemented.


In less than two months, the campaign site generated a 10% visit rate with 6.5% of the target recipients completing the survey—well above the average reported by the Direct Marketing Association of a 4.4% response rate. Not only did the campaign get a fantastic response rate, it helped the foundation see an increase in number of applicants while raising the profile for the Pharmacy Leadership Academy. One-two punch = win win.


As you can see, a marketing campaign that combines a direct mail marketing component to augment a website can have a very big return on investment.