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Direct Impact

Direct Impact

YGS associates are vital to showcasing the organization’s customer service and dedication during client visits.

Clients often tour The YGS Group plant, seeing firsthand what YGS can do for them. But what do these visits actually mean to YGS? It turns out that client visits not only leave a lasting impression with the visitors, they impact YGS’ bottom line.

Clients visit the plant several times per month. When they visit, each client is introduced to all seven groups within YGS. Depending on what the customer is looking for, specific areas will be showcased more than others. “Our true differentiator is the YGS associate, and we ensure that every  customer leaves with that knowledge,” says Erica Montgomery, Executive Vice President at YGS..

YGS associates are crucial to client visits because they reinforce the outreach efforts of sales representatives. When a client visiting the YGS plant sees how an associate pushed a rush order through for a customer or went above and beyond their  annual revenue goal with enthusiasm, it highlights YGS’ dedication to their clients. Demonstrating that type of customer service during client visits earns new business.

“Our close ratio on customer visits is close to 90 percent,” says Montgomery. “Our first formal client visit, including a tour led by Brad and a presentation in each department was APTA [American Public Transportation Association] , which  landed the printing of the biweekly magazine with significant potential for Total Solutions growth. Other new business resulting from a visit to YGS: US Chamber, CMAA, Aetna, Wolters Kluwer, Callahan and the list grows with each visit.”

“Every YGS associate can make an impact,” Montgomery says. The sales team is on the street, opening doors to new opportunities, but they can’t do it alone. Ours is a complex sale that requires customers to place a great deal of trust in YGS. The first step toward building trust is provided by the sales executive. The foundation is built by everyone at YGS.”

Rosie Turner, Marketing Coordinator