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Designed to Connect: QR Codes

Designed to Connect: QR Codes

Universal readability is required for QR codes to be effective. If your smartphone can’t read the code on the first try, are you going to download another reader? Chances are good that you would lose respect for the endorsing company and move on. When we chose to feature designed QR codes in our Fall 2011 marketing postcard, we tackled the difficult task of beauty versus universal readability.

The “Impact 2012” postcard featured designed works of art that connected the user to a video of our associates talking about marketing tactics. The variable shading and highlighting created a problem – the less discerning but more widespread Android platform required a specialized reader to pick up the slightly obscured codes. Our sophisticated marketing team worked with paper stock, coating, print technology and design to create a series of codes that worked on the top 5 QR apps on the Android market.

Mastering the designed QR code is a worthwhile challenge. According to the DMA, the standard response rate for direct mail pieces sent to prospects is 1.38% and a house list 3.42% (read more on the DMA website). Our codes saw an average 2.8% click through on a mixed list of customers and prospects and an 81% retention rate across all four codes.

What types of QR codes have you used in the past? What type of response have you seen?