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Custom Solutions for the Alternative Customer

Custom Solutions for the Alternative Customer

Lately on this blog, we’ve talked a lot about what we can do for our association publishing clients, like editorial, printing, and design services. Custom publishing is where we got started, but as the needs of our clients grew, we saw an opportunity to grow right alongside them. At The YGS Group, we have a “secret menu” of services under our belt, if you will, and the possibilities are essentially endless. Today we’re sharing a few great examples of how we push our creative limits and exceed expectations for our multifaceted client base.

Archery Trade Association (ATA) hosts the largest bow hunting and archery industry trade show every year, and YGS Marketing Services is already hard at work prepping for the 2016 event, slated for early January in Louisville, Kentucky. Marketing Services is working closely with the ATA event management team to develop the theme and tag lines, the design and concepts for signage, as well as event marketing strategy details. Marketing Services also worked closely with the YGS Interactive Services team to develop the ATA Sponsor storefront so trade show sponsors can easily choose ideal booth spaces and purchase customized products to offer attendees.

Utilities Telecom Council (UTC) sought the help of The YGS Group and Marketing Services in redeveloping its brand and communication strategies. In 2013, YGS provided brand strategy, copywriting, design, print, and mail services to develop a messaging platform and member recruitment campaign for the organization. Currently, Marketing is working with UTC on some new branding initiatives to better position the organization and its converged membership in front of their target audiences.

Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) is a combination Editorial and Interactive Services client, with website redesigns, including content development, as well as a social media planning element. The organization wants to expand its reach so veterans who have served in conflicts other than the Vietnam War understand they are welcome to access the many benefits the organization offers. Editorial is working closely with VVA to rework website copy and expand the visibility of its social services efforts. Interactive Services is providing the updated design and functionality of websites for the organization.
These examples of our “outside the box” capabilities are just a small example of how The YGS Group goes beyond association publishing services. Marketing Account Manager Kali Eskew explains that our abilities continue to grow as we evaluate the demand for certain services. “We have the team of strategists here to work on diverse communication and marketing needs,” she says. The truth is, everything we do is related to custom publishing; event marketing or a communication audit will never be the same service for two clients in two different industries. No matter what service a client chooses, the solution is always totally unique.