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Content Marketing: Parts of a Whole

Content Marketing: Parts of a Whole

This entry is the last in our series on Content Marketing. In this blog, we wanted to really drive home how content marketing is one part of all your marketing efforts. While it is fundamentally important to get content marketing right, it is but a slice of your marketing “pie.” All the other “flavors” should work together and complement each other to form a delicious marketing recipe.

Content marketing is more than a single campaign—it is a comprehensive connection strategy to engage your audiences at their level. Every part of a content strategy should come together as part of a larger, unified story or message or conversation that you have with your customers.

Lately it seems as if there are more and more moving parts to any marketing plan—websites, social media, press releases, newsletters, emails, blog posts—each should be looked at as cogs that fit together and drive the overall strategy. Because content is only one factor in all these things, marketing, public relations, customer service, and any other related departments need to be involved with the design and implementation. If the goal is to share every part of the company with its audience, then every part of the company should be contributing to the cause.

Nothing fruitful can be created within a vacuum, and the same goes for content marketing. With each part of the company represented, you can create a strategy that everyone can get behind. It can be a resource-intensive commitment and can even sometimes be perceived as an obstacle, but the payoffs can be enormous. If you are committed to growing your company, you have to be serious about content marketing.

Above all, content marketing requires a sincere commitment to succeed. Marketers must be ready to issue a steady stream of information that can engage and inform audiences, and help them achieve the desired outcome. Marketing requires continuous upkeep and dedication from a content specialist, but with the right team structuring, versioning, and disseminating content, your company is sure to reap the many rewards.