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Consistency With Social Media: Part 2

Consistency With Social Media: Part 2

From a business perspective, social media shouldn’t be something you dabble in just because everyone else is; it’s about using it to bring awareness to your brand.

While consumers use social media more generally in their personal lives, a business must understand how social posts and company blogs can serve a specific purpose for marketing products and services. Last week we took a look at consistency in social media through making frequent and regular posts or updates. This week we will focus on consistent and cohesive branding in your social media presence.

When developing content for your posts across social media, consider the material in the grand scheme of your business. How does the content relate to your company’s mission? How does it relate to your marketing materials? If you’re answering these questions with “it doesn’t,” then you need to rethink that content. Make sure the messages you’re posting on social media coincide with the TV or radio ads you put out last week; this will help drive the message home.

Maintaining consistency and cohesiveness isn’t just about content, however. It’s also a factor when matching the look and tone of your social media profiles to your brand. Even something as simple as keeping your icon or logo the same throughout all of your social media presence makes a big difference when it comes to promoting brand awareness. You want your audience to know immediately that your Twitter page is definitely yours, and one way to do that is to make sure the icons or graphics you use are the same as (or similar to) those images on your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles.

This is definitely something to keep in mind when you’re making a website overhaul. Once your website look changes, so should your social media profiles. Consider The YGS Group’s new website. At the top of our home page is our logo, which you’ll also find at the top of our LinkedIn page, as our Facebook profile picture, and as our Twitter icon. You’ll notice, too, that small details are the same, like color schemes and cover photos. This allows users to immediately recognize our presence, no matter the platform.

Let’s look at tone. Keeping a consistent voice that matches your brand across all platforms is pertinent to social media success. You don’t want to send mixed signals by mismatching the tone of your business and the tone of your posts. Additionally, if you have more than one person in charge of posting, be sure everyone knows how to create that seamless voice from post to post.

Consistency and cohesion among content, design, and tone allows consumers to easily identify your social media presence as belonging to your company. Combine this with regular interaction with your followers, and you’re in for a big return on your social media investment.