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Consistency With Social Media, Part 1

Consistency With Social Media, Part 1

Consistency is necessary to take full advantage of your social media presence. There are two ways consistency comes into play when posting on social media—frequent and regular posts and consistent and cohesive branding. This week we’re discussing frequency and regularity.

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool; however, as with any tool, it is only useful if it is being used to its full capacity. Use a hammer once or twice and that nail will probably still be sticking out, not able to do its job. Post on Facebook for a few weeks while you are running a promotion, but neglect it afterwards, and you’ve wasted some great initial momentum. The same goes for tweets on Twitter, posts on LinkedIn, or any other social media you are using.

While it may seem like just a trend, social media should not be considered a short-term marketing ploy. It is not a method to use as a “quick fix” to drive a load of traffic to your website. It needs to be a major component of your marketing plan, and the follow-through needs to be unfailing.

When you post to your social media accounts on a regular basis, users will begin to expect to hear from you. Regular and reliable messages from your company will increase traffic to your website. It will also help you create relationships with your clients and customers, whether they are potential or loyal. Social media provides an informal way to speak directly to your clients and allows you to hear their needs immediately.

An opportunity within this dialogue is the chance to respond to your social media community members in real time. If someone comments on your LinkedIn blog post, you have the opportunity to engage with him or her. Even if you are only engaging directly with one person, an impression will be made on everyone who sees the exchange. Many companies are now using Twitter as a hub for customer service. When a person tweets a complaint, the company in question now has the opportunity to address any problems right there, and share the solution with the rest of their followers.

At The YGS Group, one of our signature techniques is to help our clients stay on task with their social media marketing. With a few tweets and a couple of social media and blog posts each week, we keep our clients’ social media on task and consistent, helping them engage their audiences and expand their business in the best possible way.

Be careful not to overlook the value of regular interaction on social media. It is a tremendous marketing tool that can open the door to exciting opportunities, but only if you keep using it.