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Connecting Emotionally With Your Website’s Audience

Connecting Emotionally With Your Website’s Audience

Reaching your core audience through your website can be a challenge, especially given the informational overload most people experience every day. That is why making a sincere connection with web visitors is absolutely critical.

The job of your website is to represent your company online—to reach out to your core audience. Most visitors to any website spend less than a minute there and view only one page. With such short attention spans, how can you make your company’s website stand out and get noticed? Simple: You need to deeply engage with your visitors as soon as they click through to your page.

Connecting emotionally with website visitors is more than just posting pictures of cute animals or people in crisis. There are many ways to truly connect with your core audience. In defining the parameters of your site, you need to decide how you want to present that emotional pull that will engage the visitor more profoundly. That’s a hard thing to define and really depends on your company’s needs and goals. For example, news sites want visitors to feel informed. A fashion website would like its visitors to feel stylish or like a trendsetter. A health care company might want visitors to feel like a partner. You need to think about the message your company wants to send and find materials that will support that sought-after connection.

Another thing to consider is whom you are trying to reach. Defining your target audience is a fundamental key to obtaining that emotional engagement. The broader the audience, the harder it will be to define a way to connect with them. You must distinctly pinpoint the audience that you need to reach.

Keep in mind that a first-time visitor may not be going straight to your homepage. If the visitor found your site through a search engine, they might be starting off at the company information page, or a blog post, or a news item from two years ago. Pouring tons of effort into a perfect homepage that is emotionally appealing and offers tons of great “hooks” is great, as long as you are putting in as much effort for every other page.

That is what it comes down to as you are designing your website to engage and bond with your audience—your whole site must have the same message, design, and functionality directed toward them. Each page must speak to their needs, be relevant, and still forward your company goals.

Okay, we know this sounds practically impossible, but it’s not. Think of the websites you visit on a regular basis; think about how you interact with them. Chances are many of them are doing all of these things for you. You can do it too.