The YGS Group


Congratulations on a Great Year!

The YGS team continues the pattern of improving on previous year performance with yet another profitable result.  We showed a 108% increase in sales from 2010.  Although the Net Contribution was 82% of our set goal, we were 111% of last year’s number.

YGS achieved almost all of the defined strategic objectives which were the result of hard work and a team effort.  Just a few of the many accomplishments for the year are as follows:

  • Selection and initial implementation of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system called
  • Created, hired and implemented a Total Solutions Account Management position to give a single point of contact for our Total Solutions customers.
  • We achieved a reduction in paper waste which resulted in tens of thousands of dollars for YGS.
  • Customer Service process improvement team (PIT) streamlined several production process and change their layout to help save time.
  • Creative Services PIT begin working on workflow to create efficiencies in their production.
  • Content Management “Raving Fan” teams made improvements to customer satisfaction and internal workflow processes.
  • During all of this we had some fun thanks to the efforts of our Merriment Committee formed in 2011.

Due to your tenacity and willingness to go above and beyond your defined roles, YGS was able to have another successful year.  Despite resource challenges and other obstacles you all pulled together and made things happen.  I applaud your efforts and your successes and appreciate all that you have done for our company!

Brad Altman, President