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Company Culture Reflections

Company Culture Reflections

Last week, we discussed the importance of company culture. This week we decided to go straight to the source to find out what makes YGS a great place to work and what matters most to its employees.

I appreciate the information the Executive Leadership Team shares with us, like hosting quarterly meeting updates and posting bulletin boards that show how each department is meeting its goals. I also really appreciate how much this company gives back to its employees—whether that’s through wellness events, merriment activities, or small gestures of appreciation. — Ashley Reid, Managing Editor

I love our company dog. There’s nothing like having a furry friend come and greet you at your desk for hugs and kisses. She helps break up the day and spreads cheer around the building. She’s a great stress-buster. Not to mention, she’s always ready to eat your leftovers! — Susan Russell, Human Resources and Accounting Coordinator

What I love is that even though I work from home, I still feel like part of a team. I am not left on an island. I think it’s important to develop internal relationships and participate in as many in-person meetings as possible, so I make it into the office usually once a week. Without that interaction, I would go crazy working by myself! I left my former employer because I was looking for a better culture. I found that with YGS. — Kristy Freeman, Corporate Sales Executive

From my perspective, it’s great to work with a collaborative and knowledgeable service oriented TEAM! Our clients feel that and frequently comment on that synergy. —Paula O’Leary, Vice President, Business Development

My favorite things about working with YGS are the people, the respect and appreciation shown by leadership, and the opportunities for professional growth.

The people are committed to their work and take ownership of their responsibilities. They are ethical, driven to succeed, and proud of their contributions to the company’s success. Our team members show up in both body and spirit each day!

The trust, respect, and appreciation from leadership are apparent. I see the person I report to as a coach who takes time to ask for my opinion and empowers me to make decisions, and thus, I feel I have a stake in the company’s success. On a broader scale, “Thank you for what you do,” is heard regularly and throughout the organization.

The Company has committed to making an investment in our continued education, professional growth, and development. They have launched the YGS University this year and there are plans to continue growing the program. The opportunity to network, share information, and learn with our peer group is invaluable. — Yvonne DeSalle, Director, Associate Engagement and Talent Development

What gets me excited to come to work at YGS? The pace and that each day seems to offer up a unique challenge/issue that needs to be addressed. I get to work a variety of my “professional muscles” almost on a daily basis, pulling from past experience as well developing new knowledge/skills.

What is my favorite part of the YGS company culture or atmosphere? The fact that humor is embraced as a way to bond as well as a way to help diffuse stressful situations. And the fact that there are still some folks that try to make work fun. — Jack Davidson, Vice President, Marketing Services

Due to the nature of our business, we spend a lot of time together—more than most industries, I suspect. We are internal customers to one another every day, looking to coordinate our efforts from one department to another in getting the job done. I enjoy working here because even during our busiest times, everyone is still trying to help each other through the questions, interruptions, delays, and or setbacks. We’re all in it together, without trying to take advantage of anyone. I respect what each person’s talents are and know that we have a unique company as a result. — Matt Meyers, Vice President, Sales

I love the camaraderie of our departments. Everyone gets along and is always willing to step in and help each other out. We also try to plan monthly meal parties, from our eventful breakfast paloozas to ice cream parties to our annual holiday pizza party/cookie extravaganza/gift exchange. And even when we don’t have something planned, we can usually count on someone to bring in a tasty baked good almost weekly, to keep us from going hungry.

The company also has a lot of nice things to offer employees between the merriment events and wellness activities. I mean, who can turn down Ethel’s famous pumpkin roll with a cup of apple cider when merriment strolls through with their annual fall delivery?! — Kali Eskew, Marketing Account Manager