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Chicken or Egg…Marketing or Branding… Which Comes First?

Chicken or Egg…Marketing or Branding… Which Comes First?

Could we talk for just a minute about your company’s brand and marketing?

Marketing your company includes your Brand but, your Brand is not your marketing. Many people seem to confuse the two. Why is it important?  It is much like a child’s name is part of them but the name is not the child. Without it, it’s much harder for a mother to call out in a very stern voice and identify which child is in trouble. Your brand is the centerpiece, the essence of how you want people to identify you. It is the place to start in developing the best marketing.

To be recognized and to stand out in this fractured, frenetic and media-centric world is truly a feat. As disjointed as the audience appears your marketing will also be, without the focal point of your brand. Your crystal clear, unique and at-your-fingertips brand allows you to then be able to create a strategy to educate and inform in order to impress and motivate your target market. While it is also tempting to create a logo and say it’s your brand, please remember a logo is only part of a brand. The logo is the visual presentation of the company’s personality.  To have depth, your brand should also be described in words; your marketing is the brand in motion. The true test is face-to -face with your target, whether employee, vendor or customer, and success measured in their ability to recognized it and understand what it means! After all, the United Nation’s World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) says that up to 80% of a valuation of a company is in its intangible assets like brand.

Should you develop your brand or get help? Let’s weigh the importance. According to Howard Schultz, President & CEO of Starbucks, “We look at the brand not as a piece of advertising but everything we do communicates who Starbucks is.…”  A brand should lead corporate culture, advertising and marketing should position and reposition it, and the marketplace should know exactly what it means to them. Pretty important, really. Brand development is something that should be carefully considered.  Is it memorable? Is it able to move across media types, including radio, web, print? Does it translate into other languages well?

Big considerations. Given the competition for the end-user or target customer’s mind, taking the time to develop your brand (see what one of our publishers says on the subject) and getting the right people’s minds around it seems like a top priority.

Anne Groff, Sales Manager, Content Sales & Licensing