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Branding, Marketing, and Marketing Platforms, What’s the Difference?

Branding, Marketing, and Marketing Platforms, What’s the Difference?

Branding and marketing are the cornerstones of any business. A well-branded company will use marketing to speak to its audience and clients. But what overarches each is the marketing platform—the actual marketing plan—that defines how you will market your brand to communicate to existing clients and attract new ones.


A company’s brand is what differentiates it from every other company. And while the logo is the visibly recognizable part of the brand, a brand is so much more. Your brand encompasses your reputation, mission, messaging, and marketing collateral.


A marketing platform is built on two things: The brand and the business of marketing. Put simply, you need a way to disseminate information about your company and a marketing platform is the way to do it. The better plans will conduct market research, test your particular audiences, and employ various channels—print, digital, and in-person reach—with content at the core of every communication.


A global trade association for the utilities and utilities infrastructure industry, Utilities Telecom Council, was looking to grow their core membership by retaining current members and attracting new ones, all under the same marketing platform.


The YGS Group’s Marketing Services team developed a messaging platform and membership recruitment campaign that, once launched, helped the association better communicate their core mission with their target audiences. Prospects identified as leads from this campaign have been responding to additional marketing outreaches from UTC, and several individuals have become new members of UTC.


A comprehensive marketing platform is no easy feat. But it starts with a great definition of your company, your culture, your products, and your values. Now that you have a brand, you can start to bring it to market.