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Bicoastal Benefits

Bicoastal Benefits

Just over two years ago, The YGS Group expanded operations to the West Coast through the acquisition of a Seattle-based print company. Within the time since then, The YGS Group also acquired a Seattle-based design firm and printing operations from Hershey. These strategic acquisitions have afforded YGS the opportunity to offer additional marketing and printing services with a bicoastal presence.

With print, sales, and marketing capabilities on each coast, there now exist opportunities for clients to collaborate with a quality- and service-focused YGS team no matter where they are. “Our East and West Coast production and warehouse facilities and sales offices throughout North America will allow us to further expand our brand and offer marketing, publishing, and printing solutions to clients across the country,” says YGS CEO Jim Kell.

Having print and marketing operations on both coasts creates time-to-market and cost savings opportunities to clients with customers who are spread out across the country and internationally, says John Turville, vice president and general manager of the Seattle location. “The thing about YGS is that we’re creative, nimble, and we’re bicoastal. You’re not going to find that in another organization that does everything that we do,” continues Turville.

Organizations tend to like working with similarly sized vendor-partners, says Paula O’Leary, vice president of business development. “Bigger companies tend to think that they need to work with other big companies. Having bicoastal operations and the depth of services that we offer make a big difference in forming partnerships with larger companies.”

One of the advantages of having bicoastal operations means YGS has the capabilities of a large company without sacrificing individual service or the ability to create local relationships based on those capabilities. “With our bicoastal operations, we have the capacity to accommodate our clients’ growth and success,” says Turville.

So, how does it all come together? Teamwork, embracing change, and looking out for new opportunities to engage with clients and with each other.

“There has been a cultural evolution that is kind of ongoing within the company to bring everyone together. There needs to be thought and organization to work together and to take advantage of where the opportunities are. That’s part of the entrepreneurial spirit of our company,” says Turville.