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Apprentice Spotlight: Abigail Martin

Apprentice Spotlight: Abigail Martin

Last month, we introduced our budding apprenticeship program, which is a means of recruiting fresh talent to The YGS Group. Now, we want to introduce our newest apprentice: Abigail Martin. She started in May—just one week after college graduation—as an apprentice mail list processor in the Client Services department. Abigail kicked off her three years here by shadowing various jobs in the company, allowing her to learn the business firsthand from the ground up.

Name: Abigail (Abby) Martin

Hometown: Lititz—America’s coolest small town

College: Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, class of 2017

Major: Graphic Communications & Printing Technology

Hobbies: I love collecting and listening to vinyl records. I’m just starting to do this, so right now I mostly have ’80s stuff. Newer records are usually more expensive, but I plan to grow my collection.

Favorite movie: I can’t talk about it. (Fight Club)

Favorite font: Helvetica or Futura

Best advice ever received: My brother once told me, “Every good person will learn from the mistakes that they make.”

Professional/community affiliations: I’m not really involved in much yet, since I just graduated. But I would like to join the Susquehanna Litho Club, an organization for local printing professionals.

Favorite job/task at YGS: My favorite area so far in the company has been shadowing the pressmen.

How she got here:
I took the only two photography classes that my high school offered. I was also introduced to graphic communications there, so I took both courses they offered as well. I really enjoyed screen printing in high school, so my teacher told me I should further my education at Thaddeus Stevens. One of my college professors let me know about this position, so I went for it!

Professional goal: My current ultimate career goal is to be a pressman—or presswoman, I guess. I hope to achieve that here at YGS within a couple years or so.