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A Memorial Day Exclusive: Vietnam Veterans of America

A Memorial Day Exclusive: Vietnam Veterans of America

For some people, Memorial Day signals the beginning of summer: pools are open, barbecues are fired up, and fireworks light the sky.

For others, it’s a day of reflection for honoring those who have served our country and given the greatest sacrifice.

In today’s blog, we’re featuring one of our newest clients, the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA), which provides social services to and advocates for veterans who served in various conflicts. This invaluable team of men and women works to educate civilians and veterans alike about veteran affairs and how we as a country can give back, even in the smallest and sometimes unexpected ways.

VVA operates, a clothing and household goods collections service. The service allows people who wish to donate unwanted items schedule a truck to pick up the items, instead of driving them to a donation center. VVA then sells the donations to thrift stores and the proceeds fund the social services and other programs VVA offers to veterans.

VVA sought a partner to help make ClothingDonations more visible and have a more consistent content marketing initiative. As it turned out, YGS Editorial was the team for the job. Editorial writers craft two original blogs every month for “Tales From the Closet,” which directs readers to home organizational tips, how to determine what clothes are best to donate, and many other savvy ideas. To round out the social media batches, our writers compose three tweets and two Facebook posts each week to correspond with the blog posts. In a fun addition to editorial content marketing offerings, the team is also “pinning” relevant posts and images on Pinterest, so followers can find organizational and how-to ideas in all of their favorite social media spaces. The editorial team also puts together Quick Tips every other week, which are informational blurbs featured on the ClothingDonations homepage that get organizational novices in the fast lane to success.

This is just the beginning of the YGS and VVA partnership, and we look forward to the possibilities of expanding our content marketing offerings. We are honored to work with organizations like VVA that provide resources for a remarkable group of Americans, and we are delighted to know our efforts are spreading the word about a great cause.